Michael (ftmichael) wrote in radical_thought,

US, MA: Upcoming radical queer community meeting in Cambridge!

Hello friends,

The second meeting for the radical queer community is coming up!

This is a safe space for individuals to be open about their identity, to meet others, and to empower ourselves through performance, discussion, and organising.

One component of the space will be an open mic: a chance for individuals to empower themselves, as well as to connect us all through the sharing of our personal experiences. People can play music, read prose or poetry, screen films, rant and rave, show artwork - anything!

The other component will be a discussion on various topics, which will eventually lead into organising ways in which we can openly challenge heterosexism and break down the barriers between various struggles - this will allow us to constantly analyse oppressive components of our own community as well as other struggles.

The next meeting is on SUNDAY 20 AUGUST. This is continuously on the 1st and 3rd Sunday of every month.

It will be at 7pm at 45 Mt. Auburn St. in Cambridge (aka Zine Library, Democracy Centre, Harvard Social Forum, 45 Mt. Auburn St.).

It is free and open to all self-identified queers.

Please forward and pass along to any lists, groups, message boards or persons who may be interested! Thank you!
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